Gudetama Cafe and Mother Dish

Gudetama Cafe has just opened at Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Now if you know Gudetama, then you must know that it is a cute egg who is very lazy. Now it has it’s own cafe where all of the food has itself as it’s main theme. One of their main dish is actually pretty dark.

Gudetama Crying over Mother Dish Roast Chicken

The name of the dish is:
Okaasan…(Maybe not) with White Stroganoff Sauce

It features a roast chicken leg with the famous Gudetama character next to it crying over the (maybe not) his dead mother.

It’s actually similar to a traditional dish Oyakodon where you serve egg and chicken on top of a rice. The dish name is literally parent (oya 親) and child (ko子).

deliciou japanese oyakodon parent and child chicken egg rice

If you have the heart to consume this Okaasan Gudetama meal, this meal will cost you around 1,290¥ (before tax).

Source: Gudetama Cafe

Picture: Pakutaso

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