Where to find Onigiri in Sydney

Sydney tuna mayonnaise onigiri

Onigiri or also known as omusubi or rice ball, is a Japanese staple food made from white rice formed into triangular and wrapped in nori. You can find it everywhere in Japan as this is a very typical food for Japanese. In every convenience store you can find Onigiri-s being stacked and they are also very cheap!

It’s hard to find one in Sydney though, except in one place, Conveni8! Conveni8 is a Japanese convenience store located very close to Town Hall. They’re a bit hidden though so not many people know where it is.

You can use this map to find Conveni8.

They sell lots of different Japanese snacks and most importantly, Onigiri!
The price for the Onigiri are relatively pretty cheap, especially for Sydney standard, a Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri will set you back $1.5 AUD (130¥). A bite of these and you’ll soon feel like you’re back in Japan! 🙂

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