Only in Japan ~ KFC Bath Salt

Who wouldn’t want to know the Colonel’s secret recipes? His secret recipes makes everyone keeps coming back for the delicious tasty and crispy fried chicken. There are that times when you pass by KFC’s store and you can smell the tasty smell of the famous southern fried chicken. Now, you don’t need to pass by their store just to get a whiff of it! Village Vanguard has done a collaboration to make KFC scented Bath Salt!!. Village Vanguard, a japanese store which is famous for their novelty items collaborated with KFC to make this Japan only available bath salt.

The bath salt is shaped like a drumstick and it’s even wrapped in aluminium foil, a KFC Japan only tradition so that your hand won’t be dirty when you eat it!KFC bath salt village vanguard


To be able to get it you need to follow their official Twitter account @ KFC_jp, and if you’re one of the 100 lucky people, you will get this special item!

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