Fancy Tokyo Banana and KitKat? Why Not Eat Both at The Same Time?

If you have been to Tokyo, Japan you must have heard about Tokyo Banana, the must buy souvenir banana flavoured soft cake from Tokyo. Also if you have been to Japan, you must have heard that you need to get fancy flavoured KitKat to buy as souvenir back in your home country. Now you can get the best of both as Nestle Japan just released a new product, KitKat with Tokyo Banana Flavour!

It’s a perfect Omiyage to buy whenever you come back from Tokyo or when you visit someone that’s not from Tokyo

A bix filled with 8 of these goodness sweet will set you back 702¥ (before tax). While the 15 pieces box will set you back 1296¥.

Tokyo Banana Price

You can find them in the Tokyo Okashi Land.

Tokyo Banana Map Tokyo Okashi Land

Nestle Japan even went out of their way to create a short video that explains the origin of this fantastic product.

Source: Nestle Japan

Tokyo Banana

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