Tokyo Banana KitKat Review

My friend who recently came back from Japan somehow managed to brought back this goodies! Tokyo Banana KitKat! The queue in Tokyo Station is very very long, you need to expect a 20-30 minutes wait, however the store does have plenty of supplies for everyone.

Tokyo Banana Kitkat Photo

The packaging Design is really well done, it prominently features Tokyo Banana illustration in front of the KitKat packaging.

Tokyo Banana Kitkat Photo Tokyo Banana Kitkat Photo

The inside of the Tokyo Banana KitKat is slightly different from a normal KitKat, usually a KitKat won’t have a joined section on the side. My guess is that they’re trying to give a space for the Tokyo Banana Silhouette. It looks pretty cute though, it’s almost too good to be eaten.

Tokyo Banana Kitkat Photo

But alas, with any KitKat, you need to break it to have a KitKat. So here you go, I broke it in half.

Taste wise the Tokyo Banana KitKat is pretty delicious, there is definitely a strong banana flavour that reminds you’re eating a Tokyo Banana version KitKat. Maybe we should compare it with normal Banana KitKat to get a clearer comparison.

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